People First

What is People First?

People First is a self advocate group with chapters throughout the United States.  People First's focus is to advance the equality of individuals with intellectual disabilities and empower people to exercise their rights. 

Clarke County People First Mission Statement: 

We are a united voice for rights, responsibility, choices, freedom, justice and truth.

We are individuals with different needs, likes and dislikes, strengths, opinions and ideas.

We come together and work as a team to support each other.

We are involved in our communities.

We strive to improve the quality of life for ALL individuals with disabilities.

We want to be known FIRST as a PERSON!



Clarke County People First currently has 50 members.

Our purpose is to empower people with intellectual and physical differences to speak up for their rights and dreams. This is accomplished by advocating for each other as well as by working with other state and national advocacy organizations.

The main avenue to achieving the goal of empowerment is through education and legislation. When people with cognitive or physical challenges are made aware of limitations being placed on them they become empowered to speak up for themselves.

Clarke County People First is a group of self-advocates that support each other to do just that.

Clarke County People First members believe it is important to be involved in their communities.



People First:

1.Volunteer at nursing homes.

2.Volunteer at schools in special education classes.

3.Participate in county-wide litter prevention.

4.Build floats and ride in parades.

5.Ring the bell for Salvation Army at Christmas.

6.Recycle cans and donate proceeds to United Way.

7.Attend state and national conferences for self-advocates.

2011-2012 Officers

President-Joseph Ervin Jr.

Vice President-Bobby Rush

Secretary-Tim Robinson

Treasurer-Bernard Hosea

Sgt.-at-Arms-LC Williams

Board Members-Daniel Williams and Reg Henley

CCPF Co-Advisors: Debbi George and Traci Pritchard


People First of Alabama Vice President -Matthew Grafton

If you or someone you know is intellectually or physically differently abled and you want to learn how knowledge and advocacy can empower you to make positive changes call Clarke County People First at (251) 246-3000

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