Our resource center is a great place to find information you may need, whether it is information about a particular issue, or a tool kit to help you reach out to your legislators. These resources will constantly be growing, providing you with valuable information!

Fact Sheets

The following topics are brief overviews for family members, advocates, professionals, media, researchers, policy makers and others related to intellectual and developmental disabilities.  A wide variety of topics are covered, from the causes of intellectual disabilities to various types of syndromes to criminal justice and victimization issues.


Over the years, The Arc has been a leader in the field of providing information vital to the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and created publications addressing issues faced by families affected by intellectual disabilities.  These publications, including curricula, guidebooks and resource cover topics of interest to our membership and the disability community.  The Arc is revising key publications and creating new ones to be the most current and authoritative sources available.

FINDS Survey

In 2010, The Arc conducted a national online survey, called the FINDS  Survey, to obtain perceptions of individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities and their families on a range of life-span  issues. With more than 5,800  responses, the results will provide families, providers, researchers,  legislators, and other key stakeholders with an unprecedented depth of  current information as reported by families connected to I/DD.  Results  will be available in June 2011. Read more...

Medicaid Information

The Medicaid Reference Desk is a resource for people with intellectual disabilities and their families to learn about Medicaid and other public benefits, services and supports provided by a collaboration including The Arc, The ArcLink, Oklahoma Disabilty Law Center and Portland State University.

Autism Information and Resources

Funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, the National Autism Resource and Information Center will become the central  point of access to high-quality and evidence-based resources and  information for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and  other developmental disabilities, their families, professionals, and  other targeted key stakeholders, including underserved and unserved.  As  part of this goal, the Autism NOW Center will provide resources and  information in core areas across the lifespan. Focus areas will include  Early detection, Early intervention, and Early education; Transition  from high school into early adulthood; Community based employment;  Advocacy for families and self-advocates; Community Inclusion; Aging  Issues; Policy; Implementation of Health Care Reform, including Long  Term Care Services and Supports; Family and Sibling Support; and  Networking in local, state, and national arenas.

To find out more about the progress of the National Autism Resource and Information Center towards these goals, please go to

Resources from The Arc

Resources from The Arc is a intellectual and developmental disabilities resource blog.

It is the official resource blog of The Arc. In this space, we’ll aim to accomplish three things:

  • To provide real-time information on resources for people  with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other topics The  Arc cares about.
  • To create a starting place for discussion (both online and offline)  centered around the resources that the intellectual and developmental  disability community want to use and talk about.
  • To give you all the resources you need to help yourself and people with intellectual and developmental  disabilities live full lives and participate  in the community throughout their lifetimes.

Tool Kits

The Arc provides online tool kits to educate the public and enable advocacy on the grassroots level.  Focusing on issues that impact people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the federal, state and local levels, these tool kits are a resource in advocating for issues of importance to our constituency.  They provide hands on information, including contacting your legislator and writing letters to the editor.


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