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A well trained and caring staff provide many opportunities to people receiving TACC services in their communities. Community Life Coordinators evaluate a person's individual needs, preferences, and personal life goals and set the plan in motion for them to achieve independence through education, exposure and experience opportunities in every TACC program. Although Health & Wellness, Rights, and Safety are the foundation of all opportunities, the primary focus of TACC services is to promote full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in their community.

Community Services: A combination of services provided in a variety of settings– day activity program, in the person's home or that of their caregiver or in the community. These services are opportunities for people to participate in all aspects of their community upon a comprehensive evaluation of the person's goals and needs. Goal development and achievement occur through a variety of opportunities– social, leisure, vocational, volunteer, nutrition, gardening, exercise, arts and crafts, and other opportunities. Supports are responsive to the person as well as their families so that people actively participate in achieving their goals.

Jones Home and Arc Home: Two homes in the community that provide 24-hour supports. Supportive staff encourage social, recreational, and other opportunities that engage residents fully in community activities.

Out of Home Respite: Provides short term support to individuals either in their own home or in one of the residential homes.

Specialized Medical Supplies: Provides assistance to individuals with special medical needs.

Customized Employment Solutions (CES): helps people find and maintain jobs in the community. The jobs are competitive and are based on a person's preferences. Employment specialists are available to help you plan your career; identify factors that could stand in your way and develop solutions, and help you succeed after you have obtained a job. When hired, an employment specialist will continue to provide supports and services.

CES was awarded a grant through Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. The purpose of this grant was to purchase computers, printers, job readiness software, and SimuRide driver simulation equipment to enhance a person's access to employment opportunities. The computer lab is being used to assist with job search, completing applications for employment, and preparing resumes.

The Driver's Access Program uses SimuRide. SimuRide provides a simulated driving experience by allowing the participant to sit in a driver's seat, apply gas and brakes, and steer a vehicle in various circumstances, using computerized software that provides a visual output of streets, rain, other cars, etc. The program includes instructions on how to obtain a driver license and prepare for a driver's test.

Advocacy: Provides information and referral, individual advocacy and systems advocacy regarding issues of adult community life. Those core issues in adult advocacy include functional supports and services, social supports, employment and housing, health care, benefits, and the quality of community life. The adult advocate assists individuals and families in accessing the resources needed to support meaningful community life for adults with developmental disabilities. Self-advocacy training and supports are also provided for people served by TACC.

Title VI Policy: The Arc of Clarke County Transportation Committee (TACCTC) values diversity and welcomes input from all interested parties, regardless of cultural identity, background or income level. Moreover, TACCTC believes that the best transportation planning occurs when the needs of the entire community are considered and when the entire community is involved in the decision-making process.