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The Arc of Clarke County (TACC) Customized Employment Solutions assists people through Job Club. Job Club is designed to prepare people to get a job.

Job Club talks about:

  • Choice of jobs
  • Reasons to find a job
  • Setting and reaching your goals
  • Job Seeking
  • Overcoming barriers
  • How you feel about yourself
  • The way you do present yourself
  • Interview
  • Things you should know when starting your new job
  • Develop your job seeking skills
  • Help write a professional resume
  • Help with job applications
  • Speak with employers about a job
  • A job coach will help teach you what you need to know about your new job

Customized Employment Solutions (CES):
 helps people find and maintain jobs in the community. The jobs are competitive and are based on a person's preferences. Employment specialists are available to help you plan your career; identify factors that could stand in your way and develop solutions, and help you succeed after you have obtained a job. When hired, an employment specialist will continue to provide supports and services. 

CES was awarded a grant through Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. The purpose of this grant was to purchase computers, printers, job readiness software, and SimuRide driver simulation equipment to enhance a person's access to employment opportunities. The computer lab is being used to assist with job search, completing applications for employment, and preparing resumes. 

The Driver's Access Program uses SimuRide. SimuRide provides a simulated driving experience by allowing the participant to sit in a driver's seat, apply gas and brakes, and steer a vehicle in various circumstances, using computerized software that provides a visual output of streets, rain, other cars, etc. The program includes instructions on how to obtain a driver license and prepare for a driver's test.